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Personal details
Users taking advantage of the sinplast.com website facilities may be asked to enter their personal details on a form. These details, which we may request of you, are in the majority of cases solely your name and e-mail address. In the case of enquiry forms relating to trade enquiries you will be asked to enter full personal details, the name of the company and the e-mail address. Failure to enter the required details will block the actions which these details concern.

We protect your details
Sinplast Ltd respects the right to privacy, which is why we do not make the users’ details available to other companies or third parties. Sinplast Ltd exerts its best efforts to protect the details of the users of this website in an adequate manner.

The service may use cookies, which are small text files sent to the users’ computers to identify them in ways necessary to facilitate or suspend specific operations. Cookies do not harm the computer or its user, or his/her details. The proper operation of cookies depends upon their acceptance by the internet browser and upon retaining them on the hard drive.

IP numbers
Like most internet services, Sinplast.com gathers information concerning the users’ activity on specific pages of the website, and gathers their IP addresses in the server’s access logs. The gathered information is used solely for statistical and technical purposes related to server administration.

The Privacy Policy does not cover services and companies, to which links may be found on the pages of this service.

E-mail addresses obtained from subscribers to the newsletter shall be used solely for the purpose of sending to you information about new products, technologies, promotional offers, and any changes taking place on our website. Subscribers to the mailing list have at all times the possibility of unsubscribing from the electronic messaging service provided by Sinplast Ltd.

Changes to the Privacy Policy
The range of services offered by Sinplast Ltd will with time be expanded. This means, among others, that Sinplast Ltd may in the future introduce changes to the Privacy Policy. The Privacy Policy on the website will be an up to date reflection of the current Policy. Points of greatest importance to the users will be adequately highlighted.

Queries and suggestions
If you have any queries, doubts or suggestions concerning our Privacy Policy we will be most grateful if you contact us about them.