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We have the pleasure of introducing to you our company, Sinplast Sp. z o.o., as one of the leading manufacturers of plastic foil packaging in Poland. The assortment of products we offer spreads over 38 types of plastic foil packages, including plastic bags with printed logos, foodstuff, industrial, and hygienic packages, and more. Being grateful for your interest, we kindly invite you to acquaint yourself with our company with a view to establishing future partnership. We remain hopeful that you also, like many of our customers, will take advantage of the range of technologies and the comprehensive customer service we take pride in.

Oxo-biodegradable bags are now available in our standard offer!

Now Oxo-biodegradable HDPE bags with the popular load capacity of 5kg are available for purchase as part of our standard...

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High quality photographs on HDPE bags

Be advised! You are now able to place high quality photos of your sales outlet or product on HDPE bags...

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New production line manufacturing foil bags and sheets on large rolls

We have recently activated a new production line manufacturing LDPE and HDPE foil bags and sheets on large rolls.

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